Popular celebration of worship of the dead.

About Halloween

Halloween is celebrated on October, 31st (thirty-first). It’s one of the biggest American festivals. It’s celebrated in many countries around the world as Ireland, the United States, Poland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and so forth.

Origin: Halloween began as a pagan festival. The Word Halloween comes from the name of a Holiday held in 800 A.D. called “All Hallows Eve” the Day and evening before “All Saints Day”, celebrated on November, 1st. On October 31st, the Celts held the festival of the Celtic lord of the dead, called Samhain. This celebration also market the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the cold, dark time of the year. In Christian times, it became a celebration of the evening before “All Saints’ Day”. Immigrants came to the United States and brought the celebration.


Tradition: Many children dress up with costumes and visit other houses saying 'trick-or-treat'. It’s a very funny activity. People give them candies. If you don’t give anything for them, they can play some tricks on you.

Superstition: According to an Irish legend, Jack was a man who could not enter heaver and hell either because he had played jokes on the devil, so, instead, he was doomed to wander around with a lantern until Judgement Day. Nowadays Jack-o’-lantern is a very traditional symbol. If you have a pumpkin with a candle inside you are protected of bad spirits in the Halloween Day.

Movies: Some symbols are: pumpkins, skeleton, spider, bats and witches. Here are some of the most famous: - Frankstein - Vampires - Ghosts - Haunted House

Colors Orange- It symbolizes the strength and endurance. It stands for the havest and autumn (pumpkin). Black- It’s a typical symbol of death and darkness. Purple – It’s associated with witches. White- It’s a symbol of light and purity. White is the color of the ghosts and the moonlight.

Food The most popular food is pumpkin pie. Vegetables and fruit are also symbols of harvest time.

Curiosities Mexico celebrates the Days of the Dead (Días de los Muertos) on the Christian holidays All Saints’s Day (November, 1st) and All Souls’ Day (November, 2nd)instead of Halloween.


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